Most of today’s devices have a multi-layer screen that typically include the LCD panel along with a variety of other layers including the digitizer that are manufactured into a single component. It is possible to replace only the glass digitizer on a screen, but it is not recommended as it affects the performance and longevity of your device. If your device comes with a separate glass digitizer like some iPad models, we are able to replace that.

The lithium ion inside of the battery in your device should operate for 500-600 cycles before a significant decrease in the battery capacity is noticeable. By then, the battery may only be able to hold 70-80% of its original capacity. Phone batteries typically last up to 2 years before a replace is needed.

We may ask for your device pass code for testing purposes. After a repair, we do a device testing stage where we test the phone to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the phone is functioning fine. To do so, we need the device pass code to test the functionality of the device to make sure that everything works on it before the device is handed back to the customer.

When bringing in your device for a repair, it is recommended to take a backup of your sensitive data on your phone such as pictures and contacts. In the case of a repair where this data was lost, it would be able to be retrieved.

AAA is an aftermarket quality, while OEM means that it is the original manufactured by the company of the product.

Yes, all phones come with a 90-day warranty for issues with the phone itself such as the software for the phone. The warranty does NOT include accidental, physical or water damage.

We have iPhone and Samsung Express services where an appointment is not needed. We have a wide variety of parts available for these devices and are usually handed back to the customer on the same day.

We do provide a wide range of IT Consultancy Services and you can contact us to submit a RFP to avail the same.