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Fixing Android Camera Not Working with Black Screen Issue

Encountering difficulties while attempting to capture moments with your smartphone’s camera? Does the camera app open to nothing but a black screen when you’re eager to snap a picture? 

Start by force stopping the camera app and clearing its cache in the app settings to resolve minor glitches. Ensure the camera app has the required permissions for camera access, as incorrect permissions can cause unexpected problems. For a deeper assessment, try booting your phone in safe mode to identify third-party app conflicts behind the black screen. Keep both the camera app and Android OS updated to prevent compatibility issues that may lead to the black screen proble

Let us take an in-depth look at android camera not working black screen issue.

Fixes For When Android Camera Not Working Screen Stays Black

Here’s a step-by-step guide by Icelltech to fixing your Android camera which is not working and troubleshooting the black screen issue:

  • Power Cycle: Turn your phone off for 10 seconds and then back on. This soft reset can often address minor software glitches.
  • Battery Pull (If Possible): If your phone has a removable battery, pulling it out while the phone is on can act as a soft reset without losing data.
  • Remove Third-Party Camera Apps: Uninstall any third-party camera apps you’ve added, as they might not be compatible after a system update.
  • Uninstall Recently Added Apps: Consider apps you’ve recently installed or updated when the problem started. Removing these can help if a rogue app is causing the issue.
  • Soft Reset Again: After app clean-up, perform another soft reset by powering off, preferably with battery removal (if applicable), and then restarting.
  • Hard Reset: If the black screen persists, perform a full backup and factory data reset, erasing all data. This can fix software bugs.
  • Hardware Concerns: If the camera is still uncooperative, it might be a hardware problem. Exercise caution, but some instances suggest gently applying pressure to the camera lens can reposition it and resolve the issue.

Remember, treading carefully is essential to avoid damaging your device. This method isn’t foolproof and doesn’t work in all situations.

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Additional Steps and Considerations:


  • Review Alternatives: If the black screen problem persists, explore other troubleshooting options or tips mentioned in guides on resolving phone issues.
  • Blurry Pictures or Lens Issues: If the camera works but pictures are blurry or the lens was the original issue, it might be physically damaged. Check warranties, insurance, or seek professional assistance from a Phone repair shop.

Ultimately, the hope is that a simple software hiccup caused the black screen and the reset method brought your camera back to life. In the case that this doesn’t resolve the issue, explore the alternatives mentioned earlier. Whether it’s warranty, repair services, or other replacement options, there’s usually a route to reclaim a functional camera and enjoy your smartphone once more.


Smartphone woes, the enigma of the “Android camera not working black screen” can be perplexing. At Icelltech, we understand the frustrations that stem from such issues and are committed to providing effective solutions. 

Our team of experts is equipped to tackle the complexities of malfunctioning smartphone cameras, offering a range of remedies tailored to your device’s needs. With our professional repair services, we strive to restore your camera’s functionality and ensure your smartphone experience remains seamless.

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