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How can you fix the iPad folio keyboard that is not working?

Welcome to all of the tech-savvy iPad users! Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your iPad folio keyboard suddenly stops functioning, disrupting your workflow and causing a wave of inconvenience? Fear not; to fix this difficulty, Icelltech is sharing some easy steps with you. 

You can solve the problem by first checking your connection, restarting your iPad, and checking the battery or power source. Then, you can clean the keyboard and iPad contacts, update iPad software, reset keyboard settings, and check for physical damage. Finally, end the process by reinstalling or updating the keyboard app (if applicable). If the problem is still out of your control, contact Apple support, or consider seeking professional iPad repair services from trusted third-party repairers to address the issue effectively.

Keep reading to learn more about these steps!

Steps To Fix an iPad Folio Keyboard That Is Not Working

  • Check Connection

The first step in addressing the issue of a non-responsive iPad folio keyboard is to check the connection between the keyboard and the iPad. Ensure that the connection is secure and that there aren’t any free connections or faults that would be causing the trouble. A simple test to affirm the connection can do the trick and get your keyboard back on track.

  • Restart iPad

When dealing with technical system defects with your iPad folio keyboard, one of the best and simplest solutions is to restart your iPad. A brief reboot can clear up temporary software or connectivity issues, giving your iPad and the keyboard a fresh start. It’s a simple yet powerful step that can resolve the trouble.

  • Check Battery or Power Source

If your iPad folio keyboard relies on a battery, it is essential to check that the battery has sufficient power or that the keyboard is correctly linked to a power supply. A low battery can cause potential problems, so ensuring that the power source is adequate is crucial to diagnosing and resolving the trouble efficiently.

  • Clean Keyboard and iPad Contacts

Over time, dust or tiny particles accumulate at the contacts of both the iPad and the keyboard, leading to connectivity problems. Take a second to softly clean the contacts on both the keyboard and the iPad to ensure a seamless and reliable connection. 

  • Update iPad Software

It’s critical to keep your iPad’s software program updated to ensure optimal compatibility between your iPad and the folio keyboard. Check for any software updates and deploy them to eliminate any potential software program-related issues that might be causing the keyboard to malfunction. Keeping your tool’s software program up-to-date is essential for a smooth and hassle-free user experience.

  • Reset Keyboard Settings

If you’ve tried different alternatives without success, remember to reset the keyboard settings on your iPad. Resetting the settings to their default configuration can solve any configuration troubles that might be causing the keyboard to malfunction. It’s a simple yet effective step that assists you in discovering and rectifying any settings-associated problems, bringing your iPad folio keyboard back to life.

  • Check for Physical Damage

Sometimes, the cause behind a malfunctioning iPad folio keyboard can be bodily damage. Carefully look into the keyboard and the iPad for any visible symptoms of damage that are hindering the functionality of the keyboard. Identifying any physical harm can guide you in determining the important steps for restoration or replacement. If you’re also looking for information on how to fix a hairline crack on an iPad, consider referring to our dedicated guide for step-by-step instructions on addressing this specific issue.

  • Reinstall or Update the Keyboard App (if relevant)

If your iPad folio keyboard is associated with a particular app, consider reinstalling or updating the app to troubleshoot any software-related issues. Reinstalling the app or updating it to the latest version can regularly clear up any compatibility issues or viruses that are probably causing the keyboard to malfunction. It’s a strategic step to ensure that the app works seamlessly along your iPad and the folio keyboard.

  • Contact Manufacturer or Support

In case the problem with your iPad folio keyboard persists in spite of your best efforts, do not hesitate to reach out to the technical guide from Apple Support or third-party service providers like us at Icelltech. This will be the key to resolving complex technical issues, so do not hesitate to seek assistance while required.


There you have it — a complete guide on the way to tackle and clear up the issue of an iPad folio keyboard that isn’t always working. By following these easy yet effective steps, you could troubleshoot and rectify the problem, allowing you to get back to the usage of your iPad with seamless capability. With the proper solutions, you can quickly cope with the problem. So troubleshoot your iPad folio keyboard, or contact Icelltech to resolve the problem for you!

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